Virtual Processing

Securely Processing Card not Present Transactions

Card Not Present Payments Made Simple

Our Virtual Terminal is the perfect solution for businesses that take credit card payments over the phone, through the mail or need to set up recurring billing payments. Securely accept credit cards and eChecks, right from your browser, and no longer worry about having cardholder data compromised, as we store all data in our hosted vault, eliminating sensitive information from residing on your system. Our Virtual Terminal offers:

Cardpointe virtual terminal on Macbook

Have the need to swipe a card, not a problem  Simply attach a card reader to your computer and you are ready to process. We help turn your computer or device into a point of sale and process transactions in just seconds

Level 2 and 3 optimization chart

Click the chart to view the significant reduction in pricing through Interchange Optimization

Interchange Optimization – Lowest Cost of Interchange

Our Virtual Terminal automatically pass through Level 2 and Level 3 data on every transaction ensuring the lowest cost of interchange available.  As a result, your business can expect a cost savings of up to 1.05% for business card products (business, corporate and purchasing cards) and certain reward cards simply by using our Virtual Terminal.  

The CardPointe Virtual Terminal is perfect for Business to Business (B2B) merchants. And best of all we take care of passing through Level 2 and Level 3 data on the back end, meaning you don’t need to change the way you process the card. Now that is powerful.

Point-to-Point Encryption

Using our Virtual Terminal, we encrypt data at point of interaction, upon swipe or key entry, ensuring sensitive card information never touches your system – even for a second. For card not present transactions we can take the keyboard out of the equation by attaching a PanPad to the computer via USB. For swipe transactions attach one of our EMV certified devices. In either instance, we not only protect your business but we also reduce the scope of PCI and reduce the PCI Questionnaire to 26 questions. 

Don’t put your business at risk by not securing your cardholder data. A breach can result in heavy fines and damage to your brand, damage that may not be reversible. All it takes is one instance. 

Cardsecure point-to-point encryption diagram

Patented Tokenization

CardSecure® is the foundation of our security offerings and offers Patented Tokenization. Once a transaction has been initiated and the data encrypted, CardSecure® converts the data into mathematically irreversible, Luhn test compliant tokens, maintaining the last four digits of the credit card, for ultimate security and PCI Scope Reduction. The tokens are randomly generated making it impossible to encrypt, they can be used for recurring charges and are unique to your business. 

Real-Time Reporting

One of our core beliefs is that business owners should have access to their processing data in a clear, concise and easy to read format to be able to track and manage payments. Therefore, we consolidate all transactional data from our countertop, mobile and POS solutions into one central reporting tool. With the click of the mouse you will be able to check on transactions, drill down into batches and deposits, run reports that can be downloaded to an Excel file, manage chargeback’s, create your own custom filters, view monthly statements and set up personal email or dashboard notifications with regard to your account.

Not near a computer and need to void, capture or refund a transaction, not a problem. Simply login to the CardPointe application on your your mobile device and conduct your business.

Cardpointe dashboard for billing plans

Billing Plans

Do you bill customers on a monthly basis for a membership or monthly service? Are you manually entering in these transactions each month? Let us help you expedite the billing process and alleviate the time and energy being placed on processing recurring transactions. Customizable billing plans can be set up with a few clicks of the mouse. Simply add in customer information, or pull up a customer from the Customer Profile, including credit card information and then select your plan including when to bill, the start date, how often to bill, the time frame and amount to bill, name the plan and save.

Custom Receipts

You decide what will appear on your customers receipt. Leverage your receipts by customizing them to include events or note social media accounts. You can either print or email receipts to your customers and have the ability to customize customer profile and transaction fields.  Don’t miss this touch point with your customer’s to tell them more about your business and increase sales through repeat and new customers. 

Custom CardPointe receipts

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