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We are keenly aware that our success is predicated on the happiness of our merchants. In a marketplace that is frought with confusion and misrepresentations, the loyalty of our customer base is paramount to our success. As you will read below, we have been working with some businesses for over 10 years, a true testament to our commitment of remaining true to our core values – honesty, fairness and transparency.

Adam’s been handling the credit card processing for my restaurant for 15 years. Even though I had great rates, credit card fees always ate into my bottom line. I switched over to Clarity EPS’ zero fee program and eliminated my credit card fees. I’m saving $4,500 EVERY month. Considering what’s going on in the economy now and the thin margins we work off of in the restaurant industry, this program has been a lifeline. With the extra money and cash flow I’m able to maintain my prices, advertise more and cover the increased costs for cleaning and sanitizing.

Skye O'Jea

Manager, Restaurant

We are part of the Cash Discounting program with Clarity EPS. This has been an extremely lucrative business decision for us. Not only have we saved hundred sand hundreds of dollars each month; we have been able to discount our services for our customers. There have been little to no customer complaints about the program. We absolutely love the program and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to save money!!
Autumn S

Owner, Auto Repair

Adam’s handled my credit card processing for years He reached out a few weeks ago to tell me about a new program that could save me most of my cc processing fees that are killing me. He also said it would free up my cash flow which I could use now so I decided to give it a shot. The process was easy. My operating capital went up over $2K per month. I hated paying credit card fees and now I don’t have to, what a great program

Brian C.

Owner, Tri State Auto

Adam at Clarity has been so friendly, professional, and responsive! Much lower rates and the system is user friendly and efficient. HIghly recommend!

Sherry L

Bookkeeper, College Prep

I use Clarity EPS for all of my businesses and I am so happy I switched. The reporting features and timeliness of my deposits is critical for my business. I have been referring Adam and Clarity to all my business owner friends. We all love the fact that they are always available when we call. They have made my life so much easier!
Erik G

Adam Moss is extremely knowledgeable and his customer service has been nothing but incredible. I switched to his product a few months ago and he saved me a ton of money and his product is by far the best I have used. I have already referred many companies to him and will keep doing so as I completely trust him!
Paul T

Owner, Promotional Products

We have been working with adam for 15 years and he has always been very helpful, we love our new credit card payment system

Chris P

Owner, Used Car Lot

Adam and his team treat me like a major corporation. In reality, my account is small and I don’t have a tremendous number of transactions. They provide five star service. I truly appreciate all they do for me and my company.

Michael G

Owner, Insurance Conpany

When I contacted clarity EPS, I was taken back by how much time Adam spent with me to learn about my my business. Based upon the questions he asked, I have never been happier with the systems and savings I now have in place!

Jill B, Therapist

We recently started using their no fee processing system and are very happy so far. It’s helping free up cash to put back into our business. The process was seamless and Adam was terrific.
Team Zoca

Owner, Consumer Products

I wanted to give a quick shout out to Clarity EPS. This year, more than most, we have all been processing a higher percentage of credit cards and meticulously inspect our bottom line ensuring we are optimizing our profitability. With that in mind, I wanted to give a shout out to Adam Moss of Clarity EPS.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve used probably 5-6 different card processors and I’m very well versed on the costs associated with running credit cards. About a year ago, we switched our processing to Clarity after referred to Adam. So after a year, I can confirm the following, all of which puts more money to our bottom line.

· Our rates have gone down (lowest we’ve ever had & our rates were low before).
· Their virtual terminal is fantastic (makes us more efficient – especially w/repeat customers who always pay with CC.
· If and when I have a question, I can reach them easily (quick phone call or email), less frustration for me.

So if you are looking for ways to improved your distribution and are evaluating your CC processor, I would highly recommend Adam at Clarity EPS.

Trae T

Owner, Promotional Products

Adam is fabulous. He cleaned up our credit card processing issues and saved us a a substantial amount of money doing it . He is a solid stand up guy who knows his industry . Anyone using Adam and his team will be thrilled with the high level of service and professionalism that he provides .

Jim N

Event Planning

We have been working with Adam since 2003. Our loyalty to Adam stems from his unbeatable attention to our account and personal support. It doesn’t hurt that his rates with us have stood the test of time many times over.

Linda W

Animal Hospital

The easiest and most accessible merchant services provider with whom I have worked. Adam is always a phone call away and always there to answer any question we have. He has always helped educate us on how to keep our fees low and process more efficiently.  He is honest in his quotes and does not use false promises to get you to sign with him.   Recently, we had a problem with the operation of our credit card machine and Adam went above our expectations in helping us resolve our problem.  I would highly recommend him for any business.

Peggy K

Animal Hospital

In a world where false promises and guarantees are made with regard to merchant services, Adam is a breath of fresh air. Since 2007 Adam has helped educate us on the industry ensuring that our dealership is not wasting time or money when it comes to accepting credit cards. Most recently Adam set us up with EMV terminals that offer point to point encryption to help protect us and save us time on those annoying PCI questionnaires. And he is always just a phone call away.

Terri S.

Chevrolet Dealership

We have the privilege of working with Adam Moss, who was referred to us by the company that does our marketing. We always tend to work off referrals when trying to find good quality people and companies to work with. Clarity is a great company, and Adam Moss was so helpful when we first got started. He set us up quickly and even came back on two different occasions when we were having a little bit of trouble setting up our mobile readers. Adam explained everything and waited while my team logged on and figured everything out. Good quality can be hard to find, but Adam is the best.

Sabrina S

Sales Organization

I am in the building supply business and most of my clients pay with business cards or American Express. I soon learned after speaking with Adam at Clarity EPS that business cards and American Express transactions typically have the highest rate structure and that is why my fees were out of control. Adam set us up with a program that optimizes the cost of business cards making them some of the lowest cost cards, under 2%, that I currently accept. He was also able to lower the rate on my American Express transactions to just around 2%. Not only are my fees low, but now I process through a virtual terminal and credit card terminal and can get all my reporting through my mobile device. It is a great set up.

Larry T

Building Supply Company

Before I met Adam Moss, I would jump from one credit card processor to another, almost every year, trying to find an honest business to work with. I would meet a sales rep who would promise low reasonable rates, with no hidden charges. Then, especially if I didn’t look at the statements and bills diligently, interchange rates would change, surcharges and hidden fees would pop up everywhere. I was very frustrated to say the least.

Then I met Adam Moss back in 2009 – it’s now 2016. Adam is the perfect account manager.  Every step of the way from PCI compliance to rate changes, Adam has guided my business in the most beneficial and cost saving direction. I refer to Adam Moss anytime I hear of another business owner not happy with their credit card processing service and I am secure in the knowledge that my credit card processing needs are in great hands with Adam Moss. I give him my highest and strongest recommendation.

Gina R.

Holistic Medicine

I accept credit card payments for my different product lines over the phone and via email but was using an old terminal that required a lot of hand entry, especially for repeat customers. One of the first recommendations Adam made was for us to process our transactions through a virtual terminal, since the card is never present at the time of the sale, to be more efficient, speed up processing and provide better reporting. In addition, as a result the security of the virtual terminal meant that no credit card data would ever reside on our system and the cost of our business card transactions would be lower. One of the biggest bonuses of moving to Clarity EPS, in addition to the lower pricing, savings, and faster/easier processing, was that the PCI questionnaire I always need to fill out got much shorter. I highly recommend you call Adam at Clarity EPS.

Cliff S.


With Clarity EPS, not only do I get my money the next day for all cards, including American Express, I also have complete pricing transparency. I have been a business owner for many years and the hidden processing fees and surprises always bothered me. Adam came in an educated us what to do and not to do and set us up on an interchange plus program, providing line item detail and eliminating the hidden fees and guesswork.  Now I can focus on running my business and not worry about my credit card fees. I have referred Adam to other businesses whose business he has earned. I highly recommend Adam and will continue to refer his services.

Tom H.

Thrift Stores

I learned my lesson. I had been processing with Adam for a few years when someone from the local bank came in promising better rates and great service. He claimed he would be saving me a ton of money. I made the switch, after all he was from the bank. Adam warned me that the claims being made were not accurate and the savings quoted was crazy. Well a few months into my new agreement Adam called to see how things were going. Needless to say the savings promised never materialize nor did the great service. We have been processing with Adam at Clarity EPS ever since and don’t plan on going anywhere else.

Andrea K


Pricing for our payroll was beyond competitivebut frankly the service has been truly outstanding. The team has worked hard to get me the information I needed and follow-up was way beyond the call of duty. The experience has been excellent. 


Greg O.

COO, Data Analytics for Legal, Cyber and Regulatory risk issues

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