Retail Processing

Moving your Business Forward
Eliminate the risk associated with a breach and card information getting into the wrong hands. Our plug-and-play device secures every transaction with Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and patented tokenization and also features:

  • EMV acceptance
  • Interchange optimization (lowest cost of interchange available)
  • Gratuity options
  • Real time reporting – The CardPointe Platform
Mobile App

Extend the benefits to your mobile device, which can include hardware to swipe or dip credit cards.

Inserting credit card into retail terminal

The CardPointe Platform

Real Time Reporting

One of our core beliefs is that business owners should have access to their processing data in a clear, concise and easy to read format to be able to track and manage payments. Therefore, we consolidate all transactional data from our countertop, mobile and POS solutions into one central reporting tool. With the click of the mouse you will be able to check on transactions, drill down into batches and deposits, run reports that can be downloaded to an Excel file, manage chargeback’s, create your own custom filters, view monthly statements and set up personal email or dashboard notifications with regard to your account.

Not near a computer and need to void, capture or refund a transaction, not a problem. Simply login to the CardPointe application on your your mobile device and conduct your business.

CardPointe Terminal

Point-to-Point Encrypted Terminals

Securing Transactions at the Point of Contact

Clarity EPS offers a plug and play terminal that will secure every transaction at the point of interaction with Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), the only patented solution for full data breach protection that eliminates the burden of PCI Compliance. Accept credit cards with magnetic strips and EMV® chips as well as NFC payments (ApplePay® and Android Pay®) knowing that no credit card number will ever reside on your system.

Industries: retail establishments, restaurants, healthcare, automotive and even call centers. For restaurants we offer Tip adjust with EMV transactions, thus protecting against frivolous chargeback’s.

Cost Optimization

Visa, MasterCard and Discover offer a large variety of cards from debit to reward to business cards. Business cards tend to have the higest cost structure based on perceived risk. We lower the risk on business card products and reclassify those transactions to a much lower cost structure of up to 1.05% lower than the competition. 

Businesses and customers don’t change the way a transction is processed.  We handle everything on the back end.

The image to the right highlights the value of Cost  Optimization and savings to the bottom line.

Level 2 and 3 optimization chart
PCI Quest form

EMV, NFC, ApplePay & Android Pay

Protect against frivolous chargeback’s and ensure your customers can either dip or use their smartphone to pay. Our EMV solution is fast, compared to other solutions, processing a card in less than 7 seconds.

ApplePay® and Android Pay® allow your customers to easily pay with their debit and credit cards with just a touch or a wave. Customers simply hold their phone near the reader and process through their payment application. We use our phones for everything else, now process transactions faster and in a more efficient manner. 

Maximum PCI Scope reduction

By removing cardholder data from your system through our P2PE and Patented tokenization, we reduce your SAQ questions down to 26 questions or may even help you eliminate the SAQ completely. You will no longer need to suffer and fill out the long, complicated and hard to understand PCI questionnaires.  At Clarity EPS, we help create efficiencies in processing and let you spend more time on building your business.

PCI Quest form

Our Retail Terminals

ICT220 Terminal
Offers: EMV, NFC, Apple Pay

Perfect for: Retail, Restaurants, Healthcare, Automotive, B2B, Call Centers

CardSecure terminal
Offers: EMV, NFC, Signature Capture

Perfect for: Multi Lane Environments

Cardsecure Signature capture
Offers: EMV, Mobile, Bluetooth

Perfect for: Events, Pop-Up Shows, Trade Shows, Non-Profits, Homer Services

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