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    What is Zero Fee Processing?

    The Zero Fee Processing Program allows merchants to offset their operational costs by passing a service fee to customers who pay with a credit card. Merchants are paid the full amount of the sale while the service fee is collected by the processing company to pay all processing fees on behalf of the merchant.

    What are the benefits of Zero Fee Processing?

    Zero Fee Processing ELIMINATES merchants’ credit card processing fees, resulting in additional capital and increased cash flow. The additional monies can be used to cover overhead costs, increase marketing, hire staff and help grow the business.

    How is this different than a Surcharge Program?

    Zero Fee Processing is NOT a surcharge program. A surcharge is when a business adds an additional fee, or surcharge, on top of the original sale amount. The business will continue to pay its monthly processing fees, now on the higher amount hurting cash flow. Surcharge programs are not legal in all 50 states, cannot be applied to Debit Cards and carry several additional requirements with the payment networks.

    Won’t my customers be upset by the fee and not want to do business with us?

    In our experience, customers are understanding and will either opt to pay cash or accept the terms of paying with a credit card and continue to earn their points and miles. Merchants have been successful explaining to their customers that by passing the service fee it helps to keep their costs down.

    Is Zero Fee Processing legal?

    Yes! As a result of the Durbin amendment of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, business owners may legally pass their credit card processing costs to their customers under state and federal law. Zero Fee Processing is also permitted under the Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express operating rules and is available in all 50 states.

    Can’t I just raise my pricing?

    Yes, you can, BUT that is not the same as eliminating your monthly processing fees and improving cash flow. It also lacks transparency and makes your products and services more expensive. The Zero Fee Processing program is transparent. It provides customers with clear payment options, eliminates business owners’ monthly processing fees, increases cash payments and improves cash flow.

    Are there any hidden fees?

    No! Compared to traditional payment programs, Zero Fee Processing is straightforward and transparent. There are no hidden fees and impossible-to-read merchant statements. At the end of the month your monthly statement will show ZERO processing fees, whether you processed five thousand or five million in credit cards.

    Will I need new equipment?

    You’ll be provided with a free terminal that has the Zero Fee Processing proprietary software fully integrated. These plug-and-play EMV terminals are incredibly easy to set up and take you from box to processing in minutes. Zero Fee Processing payment technology is fully mobile, available for all transaction types, compatible with wireless terminals and POS systems. We also offer solutions for web-based retailers.

    What types of businesses use Zero Fee Processing?

    Businesses across all sectors are using Zero Fee Processing to increase cash flow, revenue and profit, cover overhead costs, expand marketing, hire staff and maintain their price points. Zero Fee Processing is becoming increasingly common and an ideal solution for a variety of service-based industries including retail, food and beverage, personal services, and professional services.

    What kind of disclosures are required for the Zero Processing Program?

    Transparency is important. We provide merchants with signage to post in their store indicating that all credit card transactions will include a service fee and the amount of the service fee. The printed customer receipt will clearly list the service fee as a separate line item. 

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Contracts are month-to-month and you can cancel the program at any time and return to traditional pricing. 

    How do I get started?

    Getting started is fast and easy! Simply fill out the form below, call us at (561) 338-4446 or email Clarity EPS will provide full set-up and ongoing support, so that you can focus on your business.

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