Green Payroll and Clarity EPS, Inc. Announce Partnership

Green Payroll is proud to announce its partnership with Clarity EPS and the introduction of the Green Payroll Processing Program (GPPP). Clarity EPS is a leader in the payment processing space helping businesses of every size process credit card transactions in an efficient, secure and affordable manner.

Clarity EPS was selected as Green Payrolls provider in this category given its ability to provide you with the greatest value and service with integrity and ethics. The GPPP will center around a Merchant Audit geared to fully understanding a business including how they process credit cards, what they use to process credit cards, their clientele and business practices. Once the Audit is complete a customized proposal will be provided to include added value services when applicable.

In today’s world businesses need to ensure they are securing cardholder data as the effects of a breach can cause a severe financial and operating burden to a business. With close to 2,000 hacks last year alone the threat needs to be taken seriously and the thought it won’t happen to me must be abandoned. Fortunately, Clarity EPS offers Point-to-Point Encryption, protecting cardholder data at the point of interaction.

As a client of Green Payroll Clarity EPS offers you:

  • A no-cost, no obligation Audit of your current merchant program
  • 12-Hour Funding – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  • Lower pricing on American Express
  • Transparency in Pricing; No Hidden Fees
  • Patented Tokenization
  • Point-to-Point Encryption
  • Real Time Reporting and Transaction Management
  • Reduced PCI Requirements
  • Automatic Savings on Business Card Transactions up to 1.10%

As a client of Green Payroll, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to lower your processing fees and grow your business. Simply contact Adam Moss, CEO of Clarity EPS to request more information and your no-cost, not obligation Merchant Account Audit.

About Clarity EPS

Clarity EPS is a leading provider of payment processing and technology solutions, working with businesses of all sizes helping them process payments in a more efficient, secure and affordable manner. We assist businesses in eliminating the guesswork regarding payment processing and provide clear, concise and understandable solutions. Our core values are rooted in honesty, fairness and transparency.

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Contact: (561) 338-4446 | | Twitter: @clarityeps

About Green Payroll

Green Payroll is committed to providing its clients with customized payroll solutions that keep their business needs in mind.  With Green Payroll, business owners experience a seamless integration with our technology enabling the business to streamline and simplify its operations.  We offer paperless payroll, web reports and employee online access 24/7 so businesses stay connected, organized and environmentally friendly.

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