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Grow and Expand your Business

Online payment processing will help your business expand its brand and sales via your website. If you are a business owner currently selling out of a store, developing or turning your website into on online store with a shopping cart will allow you to reach customers beyond your four walls. If you are manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor or business that sells over the phone or online, Clarity EPS has the solutions to help you grow and protect your business.

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Secure credit card processing

Clarity EPS is dedicated to protecting your business. Using our Gateway API to connect to your website we will protect every transaction with CardSecure®, our patented solution for securing cardholder data.

Shopping cart integration

Clarity provides plug-and-play integration with the industry’s leading shopping carts, making installation or conversion a snap.

  • WooCommerce
  • CoreCommerce
  • Magento
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Level 2 and 3 optimization

Click the chart to view the significant reduction in pricing through Interchange Optimization

Process Business Cards for Less

At Clarity our focus is to manage your fees and provide our customers with the lowest possible costs. Business cards, Corporate Cards and Purchasing cards, to name a few, have the highest cost structure as set by the Card Brands. That all changes when businesses use our gateway API to process transactions.

Every time a card is processed, the gateway will automatically pass along Level II and Level III data for all business card products to provide your business with up to a 1.10% savings on these card products. And best of all we take care of passing through Level II and Level III data on the back end, meaning you don’t need to change the way you process the card. Now that is powerful.

Account Updater

Have customer’s cards on file for recurring billing and find yourself getting declines due to outdated card information? Dealing with customer credit card changes due to breaches at other locations? Let Clarity EPS help eliminate declined payments due to inaccurate card information as well as late payments, giving you one less thing to worry about. Our system works with card issuers to get updates when a card on file is renewed or replaced.

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Payment processing page

Hosted Payment Page – Simple eCommerce Functionality

NO Developers needed. Our customizable Hosted Payment Page which includes a Pay/Buy and Donate Button, allows you to expand your business online with ease. Take full control of your business and your payment page.

  • Customize with your logo
  • Select a unique color scheme
  • Choose and arrange data fields
  • Build receipt templates
  • Include reCAPTCHA verification 


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